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APH-103 6000 LB. Compound Side Drive Cradle Kit

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Please specify the length of cable needed for your boat lift. You will receive two pieces of cable at the length you provide below. If you have any questions please see the description below.

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*If you are unsure what size beams you need, or if you are unsure what length of cable you need, please call us at 740-964-2035 or 1-866-876-0092. You can also reach us at our Contact Us page.

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Kit Includes:

Item             Description                                                      Quantity
1.                 424B-18 Bearing Bracket                                       4
2.                 424-18 Dual pipe bearing w/grease fitting              2
3.                 416 Chock bracket w/hdwr.                                     8
4.                 1/4" Cable clamp                                                   12
5.                 429 Pulley block w/shackle & Grease Fitting          4
6.                 2" Sch. 40 Drive Pipe (not included)
7.                 95 BE Cradle beam - 9 ft. length                            2
                    (Optional 8'-0" or 8'-6" or 9'-6" or 10'-0 length       2
8.                 1/4" Cable X 75 ft. Length (galv.)
9.                 42 Pulley Block Flat Hanger                                   2
10.                112 Compound Bracket w/shackle                        4
11.                 CH 3000 lb Power Hoist                                        1
12.                Optional Hoist cover (not included
                     1/4" Thimble - (not shown)                                    4

                     Remote Control (Optional)

                     Guide Pipes  (Optional

   Timbers not included

   This kit works great for wake boards and pontoon boats or V-Hull boats            

   All hardware hot dip galvanized.

   System Capacity 6,000 lbs.

   Contact us for additional information