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APH-600A 6,000 lb. Overhead Steel Compound Cradle Kit

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Please specify the length of cables you need (you will receive 2 pieces at the length submitted)

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All parts hot dipped galvanized.

* This kit includes two bottom beams and two top beams, the top beams will be 12 feet in length. The bottom beam length are requested above; should you have any questions please contact us by phone or email.

 Kit Includes:

Item #                                       Parts List                                                                Quantity

1                         424C Dual pipe bracket w/ grease fitting                                    2

2                        429T Pulley block w/ grease bolts                                                4

3                        429B Pulley Block                                                                            4

4                        1/4" Cable end clamps                                                                  12

5                        A120 1/2" Shackles                                                                        12

6                        416 Chock Brackets                                                                        8

7                        2" Drive pipe                            Not Included (Optional add on)

8                        95BE Cradle Beam (9,9 1/2, or 10)                                                2

9                        4"X12' Overhead Beam                                                                   2

10                      1/4" GC Cable 75' length                                                                2   

11                      CH3000 lb. Power Hoist                                                                  1  

12                      1/4" Thimble                                                                                     4

13                      Optional Hoist Cover             Not Included  (Optional add on)

14                       Compound Bracket assembly (for 4" beam)                               4

15                      Hold down angles w/ 8 tabs                                                            4

                        (includes bolts, nuts & washers)